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    Gezim Swim Program (GSPGuard):
    Training Site Policy

  • To all GSPGuard instructors please make sure we have the fallowing item in file prier to issuing your instructorship card.
  • 1. GSPGuard application
    2. Completion form for Core Instructor Course (GSP needs a copy in file)
    3. Complete the BLS/Heartsaver update at www.Learn.heart.org (GSP needs a copy in file *please note the login and password is the same as Core Instructor Course) They can be found on My Courses Call me for any questions (347) 574-8420
    4. To create an account with AHA Instructor Network
    5. Proof of purchase of Instructor manual
    6. Proof of purchase DVD prier to teaching a class
    7. Keep proof of purchase for all student participant books

  • How to receive certifications for your classes:
  • To avoid any confusions please fallow this guidelines. As a training site we need to have in file the fallowing.

    1. Notification of Intent (10 days prier to class)
    2. Course Roster (For every class you teach)
    3. Course Evaluation (From every who attend your class)
    4. Skills Check List (Instructor Manual Contains skills check list)
    5. **Email GSPGuard@gmail.com Course name, Course date, Course location, Students First name, Last name, indicate pass or fail.

    *GSPGuard needs to have a copy of the above items in file. You need to keep the original copies in file for your own records for 3 years.

  • Core Instructor Course
  • Thank you for your inquiries some one will be contacting you shortly.
    For any questions call us at 3475748420